The PGH Half: my cool-down after Boston

I assumed that my recovery after running Boston (my second marathon) would be similar to how I felt after running my first marathon: sore for days, struggling down stairs, crazy hip soreness for weeks, etc. I really did take a long time to recover a year ago. I think that my body has physically grown a lot in the past twelve months to better adapt to the strains of long distance running. Don’t get me wrong. My IT bands and hips were SO sore the first two days after running Boston. By day three, I was able to move myself down the stairs to the subway with a bit more ease. When I returned home, I was stiff but it was not unbearable. So, when a client offered to transfer her entry into the Pittsburgh Half to me, I jumped at the opportunity. The race was a week away. It was perfect because I had come back to Pittsburgh with a yearning to run one last race before hanging up the shoes for a week and transitioning into summer conditioning. I was also really stoked to run a race through the streets that supported me on my road to Boston. ❤

Typically, I would have been a little more proactive about preparing for this half. Sure, I was excited about it. But, I did not want to run this one for time. I wanted to run this race solely with my love for Pittsburgh and all that it means to me. There were three weeks between Boston and Pittsburgh. I did not run a single day. I lifted light weights and did core work once, stretched a handful of times, etc. This is completely unlike me but, I did not really care. Sunday morning came and I jogged over to the start, a mile away from my apartment. I weaved my way to the seeded corral and chatted with a handful of runners who I knew. We stood around for a while and the gun finally went off.

It was so fun to run through the city! Did I feel great? No. Was I sore running up hills? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely!


The support for the running community in Pittsburgh is unreal. Even though it was a chilly day (perfect for racing), people were out in their neighborhoods cheering runners on. I finished the race in 1:34:19 am came in sixth in my age group.


Would I have liked to run faster? Of course! But, this race was not about that. And, that is okay. I have taken this week after the half off, and will start summer conditioning next week. Stay tuned!

Happy Running,

❤ A



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